Intercorp Holdings S.A. România Supports Military Personnel Wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq

The soldiers wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq built the first wing of the recovery centre. They used funds from SMS donations, charity events and their personal contributions to the Military Veterans Association.

Intercorp Holdings S.A.

We’ve installed double-glazed windows on the front side of the building and hope that, by the end of the year, we’ll have the required funds to advance works to the other sides, to protect the building and everything in it… Although we’re wounded, although we’re traumatised, we’re pushing forward…, states Marius Apostol, head of the Military Veterans Association.

The recovery centre will comprise two buildings where a hospital used to function. The local authorities offered the property, but that’s where their support ended.

Exceeding the Status Quo

The veterans began the works with less than LEI 200,000. It’s the amount they put together. However, they need at least EUR 6 mil to refurbish the interior including the 73 rooms for the soldiers’ accommodation, surgery halls, psychotherapy and physiotherapy facilities.

Together with the Prime Minister, we’re considering the legal solution to grant 2% of the annual budget to support financing the development of this centre, said Mihai Fifor, Minister of Defence.

Not Just Another Military Hospital

300 soldiers were wounded in missions away from home. But, the war marks each of the 40,000 Romanian military deployed to foreign battlefields.

The main objective is to develop a recovery centre which will be more than a hospital for treating physical wounds. When the project is finalised, specialised personnel should take care of soldiers who inevitably suffer from the post-traumatic syndrome.

The military veterans have decided to request European funding to finalize the recovery centre for treating war traumas.

Intercorp Holdings S.A.

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