Review 3 in 1 Adapter for USB Type C (to USB-B, HDMI & USB-C) Stiger

I've just got the Stiger Adapter from China, which I bought 2 week ago using Tiki:

Stiger 3 in 1 USB Type C Adapter

I bought it with 353.000 VND (16USD), which is really cheap price comparing to the official one from Apple or other company.

Of course, low price come with risk. So i’ve test the function of the adapter. And it work just fine. :)

First, I test invidually each port:

  • HDMI: Connect to my HP Monitor. Unfortunately I don’t have the in-monitor speaker, so I couldn’t test the audio of this adapter. But the video look great. (video from my Mac to HP monitor).
  • USB-B: Work great. I am developer so I focus on connecting my phone to my Macbook. The adapter did it good. One other person bought the same adapter with me said the quality of this Stiger adapter is not really good. I’m not sure why he said so. May be the speed of this USB is not good. But it’s not really a big problem for me.
  • USB-C: I’ve used the USB Type C output from the adapter to connect to the power cable directly. And it worked. I currently don’t have any type C devices right now so I couldn’t test wether the data cable USB-C work correctly. But I believe it should work.

Next, I test if multiple input of the adapter can be used at the same time (its main purpose):

  • HDMI & USB-B: I connect my monitor & mouse at the same time. And the 2 worked perfectly.
Connect HDMI & USB-B at the same time
  • USB-C (for power), HDMI (monitor) & USB-B (for mouse): the 3 worked great at the same time.
Connect 3 inputs at the same time

I’m pretty happy with this product. And recommend for anyone who want to buy it. But be aware, the lifetime of it may not be as good as the expensive one. (“Tiền nào của nấy" in Vietnamese proverb)

Thanks for reading!

— V —

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