A Cup of Coffee in Milan

Don’t let the title deceive you, this is not a review of a good café in Milan or my passion for coffee (seems to be the trend nowadays), for whats it’s worth, I am a tea person.

For years, I’ve been asking myself this question,

Who am I?

It’s not a Philosophical discussion of the notion of existence, but its more towards what do I want to be.

All I knew is that I have studied different disciplines, worked in several sectors and still find myself lost with what I want to do (maybe I need to focus on one thing? But that’s boring. right!). I find myself swaying with the wind of excitement in any new project, event and sometimes a business venture. So I gave it some thought, I had to go way back into my cognitive archives, into my thoughts and for the Sherlock Holmes fans, I had to visit my mind palace.

It was all rubbish, I still had no idea.

I was still stuck in the same dilemma when I was in primary school when they ask you, What do you want to be?… Answers would be something like a policeman, a fireman or for the young Marvelists; IronMan. I never had an answer to that question, I think I was all over the place even back then.

You might be asking, how is this related to the topic?

On a lovely morning, in a foreign country while having coffee with people that I have never met before and will probably never meet again, I finally found my answer.

18.09.2015 — Milan, Italy (Expo Milano)

I found that I crave information sharing, communicating and exchanging ideas. But specifically, it came to me that my paramount ambition was to represent my country to strangers that either have no idea or the wrong idea about it. I start talking about the achievements and plans for creating a future that revolves around innovation, sustainability and empowerment of the youth. Pioneering in foreign aid and the concept of sharing, our vibrant culture, our humble yet empowering begging’s and our promising future.

Yes we have a lot of shortcomings, yes we have many challenges ahead, and yes we are living in a turbulent region a tough neighborhood, but we managed to create that radiance of hope to the people around us, a successful module to be learned from and we spare no information or aid to anyone who asks for it.

So, did I answer my question? Who am I?… as far as I know, I find happiness if I feel that I am making a good change no matter how small the impact might be. This has always given me the satisfaction that I am leaving a mark and contributing to a legacy I believe in.

** P.S: Its interesting how every ethnicity perceives the other. I never thought that some people see me or the place I come from as “exotic”. When I think exotic I think about the Mayan civilization in South America or indigenous tribes living in the Republic of Congo

Delegations @ the UAE Pavillion — Expo Milano