Management assessment and its elements

Any organization that reaches to any level in the world of business is because of its employees and keeping the employees in shape is very essential for a firm to keep their growth actively increasing. Folks working in a firm have management to direct and manage the work load. The training of this department is important as they are the key to the successful employees in a company.

Management Assessment is required for the management to learn and develop the qualities of leadership, independence, delegating and communication. By its use, a company can get an understanding of how a person would perform in the managing sections of the company. It used both in house and foreign selection procedures to determine the qualities of the candidate for the position in question.


The assignments are generally same as in the selection process and career assessment, but majorly it focuses on leading qualities, like delegating and defending your own position.

At first, leadership qualities are checked with some kind of personality questionnaire. Role plays, may be added at the next leg to note the candidate’s reactions in certain situations so as to determine whether he/she is best suited for the job. Situations like “how would you respond, if your employees don’t follow your command?” can be asked to check the charisma of the candidate.


After the management assessment, the report is prepared in which the position of the candidate is concluded. Whether he/she belongs in a managerial position or not is determined and the report is forwarded to the employer. A copy of the report is given to the employee as well, to audit the reviews and understand his/her character and the scopes of improvement for the candidate’s personal benefit.

How to prepare an assessment:

A management assessment can be prepared by taking some frequently used tests and do some exercises. These tests can help to gain a better understanding of a candidate and his/her potential. In addition to the different types of assessments companies also use online assessments.

General IQ tests, personality test and surveys can also be added to prepare the assessment and determine someone’s personality.