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While I can see your point, but the concept put forward by the Democrats shouldn’t be dismissed as just propagating the idea that only work gives us dignity.

This is a serious problem that is also an issue in Australia. In the industry I work for, in the city, I live in, a 40 hour week worked on weekdays will not likely cover the cost of rent, food and bills. Most of my colleagues can’t survive without overtime — and the overtime isn’t always there. 40 hours should be enough to live on reasonably, which was the message of the unions in the last century.

So let’s not miss the mark, being human does give us dignity (as you said), but a 40 hour week should still pay the bills, and that’s important for working people that should be given credit for contributing to society. Without our hourly wage workers, nothing would get done.

Great article, it’s good to see the culture of ‘hard work’ being turned inside out. You’ve done a good job of it.


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