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Read ‘Unstoppable Global Warming’ by S. Fred Singer. The sun is the number one, and by far (over 99%) greatest contributor to global warming. The author goes into scientific detail how sun cycles and sun spots cause climate change. This science is irrefutable, but “climate alarmist” “scientists” ignore these figures. why? because there is no grant money in it. All the money goes to alarmists because those are the results that governments want. Real research should go into how humans are to adapt; and reasonable measures should be considered, not foolish suggestions like “reduce our emissions to pre-industrial levels”. That is never going to happen. Besides, more lives are saved by using air conditioners during a heat wave than lost due to power plant emissions providing the electricity to run those air conditioners. and how about heaters during cold snaps; same story. Drastic reduction of emissions brought about by reducing energy production will cause more lives lost than continuing to use current energy production models (let alone the continued improvement in cleaner energy production).

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