1) My story: where to start? Reliving my life in 100 words definitely is a challenge. Throughout my life I have always been a caring person. I love to help people out and I tend to put other people’s needs before mine. I love making my friends happy but I don’t let anyone take advantage of me. I have a strong mind and I will stick with something if I feel it’s right. I also am I huge family person. I would rather stay in and hangout with my family over my friends any day. My family means the world to me and my even though we fight and make fun of each other, I love them so much. My favorite place to go with my family is Indiana. That’s where 90 percent of my family live and we always see my papa. He is my best friend and I always see him as much as possible. But I don’t just stay in with my family all day; I play on a travel soccer team with my bestfriend Liv. We have been playing together since sixth grade. I used to play volleyball, basketball and run cross country. Sometimes I wish I continued with volleyball because I was pretty good! Well here is a snip bit of my life in 100 or so words and I hope you can learn more down below!

2)https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b1qdLx8w0dw this song is a song I’ve been listening to for a long time now. I can have this song on repeat and never get sick of it. This songs always helps put me in a better mood.


Friday night @ 9: my fellow amstud friends and I attended the first football game and this is us cheering them on to their win! the theme was navy out and it was so much fun:)

4) The people who inspire me most: my best friend Liv, my papa, and my family.

Liv is my best friend and means the world to me. We talk everyday and are always joking around with each other and helping each other out. She always has my back and is always looking out for my best interests. We could go weeks without seeing each other and the second we do, it’s like we never were apart. She always is helping me be a better person and helping me keep a positive outlook on life.
From left to right: my sister Mehgan (prom dress), my soon to be stepdad, my mom, and my oldest sister Lauren. We are such a close family and we are always messing around and laughing together. I am so thankful for my family because they are always pushing me to be the best I can be and are always there for me.
This is my papa. He is the most amazing person in my life. Ever since I was little he has been my father figure in my life and I talk to him almost everyday. He always is laughing and has the best outlook on life. Every time I’m with him I learn so much and am so inspired to be good and do good things.


These puppies represent a dream of mine. When I am older, I hope to be married with children and of course lots of puppies! When I see pictures like this it excites me because I look forward to having a family with the love of my life (hopefully)!


I believe this picture of Chicago represents American because Chicago is full of opportunities and new jobs everyday. I think many people find success living here and it is an important area in America because of all of the business it brings in.
I think this picture also represent life in American because it shows how everyone how everyone has their own duties to fill and places to be in their life. You could walk down a street and meet such a diversity of people. I think it’s awesome the amount of culture we have in America and I think we see so much of it everyday we find it normal.
In america, pets are a huge part of life. Dogs being the majority, they bring such happiness and love to so many families. I think dogs represent life in American because they show kindness and loyalty to their owners and it also shows that they come from somewhere loved and they have a home to stay at.
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