Greatness is just a choice away

Ever since childhood, my upbringing was very traditional and normal. Unlike me. Which drove me to find answers that i thought were not available at school, home, internet or even with elders. There is a special kind of knowledge that i deem to be as “experiential knowledge” that is the kind of knowledge/sense and intelligence that you attain with your own personal experience and more importantly your interpretation and introspection of it as well. This type of knowledge is more valuable and impactful than any other in my experience. This may or may not take time, as it highly depends upon the exposure, intensity and nature of the experience that one has had. Regardless, to the circumstances and the surrounding one finds themselves in, Greatness is always a choice. It is always available, accessible and attainable. It all comes down to a matter of choice. It does not discriminate or differentiate you on the basis of your race, nationality or any of that kind of humane bullshit, but it is attracted to the people with strong intentions and manifestations who have an equally relentless work ethic and belief in their abilities. That mixed with a bit of perseverance, consistency and dedication gives you Greatness.

I know that all these words thrown around, sound like they’re coming from a ra-ra self-help session where everyone is singing kumbaya. Because it is so easy to say and/or write these qualities but infinitely harder to execute and emulate. However. the road to greatness is Simple but not Easy. Big Difference. One can make the meaning of life, whatever one chooses to be. It is as simple as that. Everything in your life is a choice (conscious or a sub-conscious one), hence the situation or predicament or the pickle you find yourself in , is your doing (knowing or unknowingly).

As sentient conscious beings, we are faced with a choice every second (like…literally) whether to do some thing that will bring us closer to the desired goal/state/situation or away from them. You say Yes to it, or you don’t….It is THAT simple! This is pretty much the secret and the difference between the people who have “made it” and those who haven’t. This goes for Financial, Personal, Physical, Relational and even Spiritual Success! You make a choice consciously each moment to move towards those set goals by doing the actions necessary in that moment. In a way, you are involved in the activity of envisioning and forging a new future, another parallel universe for yourself (according to the multi-verse theory)that makes you more fulfilled and the universe gifts you with it if you pay the price. This is simple logic, but incredibly difficult to follow. However, the key is to establish a Habit of Conscious Decision Making which will serve you in the long run. It is very easy to get swept away in the never-ending and omnipresent distractions and things that demand your attention and stop/distract you from achieving the thing you actually want.

I have noticed that just sitting down (sometimes forcibly) and taking 5 conscious breaths where you are completely anchored in the present moment helps you to refresh and re-boot the whole system and get cracking on what really matters. All it is, is basics however people and society at large likes to obfuscate things to the point we think greatness is out of our reach. However, as you now know it is just a choice away.

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