4. The white people these college graduates met in school, and have befriended, visit these black/brown college graduates from these neighborhoods-in-revitalization-progress and are “impressed” that these neighborhoods aren’t the crack-infected, crime-ridden jungles that they saw in the art-house film/documentary their missionary cousin from Montana made. And they are even more impressed at the low-cost of renting or buying in the neighborhood. So, pretending to be oblivious to the economic consequences of moving into this neighborhood, pretending not to know that their very own bodies carry with them the infection of racism, like a smallpox blanket, via a racist system that deems wherever they live to be of inherently greater value than wherever a black/brown person lives, the white people white. Which is to say that they Columbus.
Bed-Stuy: Do or Gentrify
Son of Baldwin

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