The first London SaaS Meetup - 19 February 2015

I’m super excited to announce that we are organising the first London Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Meetup on the 19th February 2015 at Runway East (Old Street) from 6:30 p.m. onwards.

If you work in SaaS or are interested in the space, you should definitely come along.

Check out the event page and register here:

We already have more than 50 registered attendees and 3 awesome speakers:

Liam Gooding

Co-founder & CEO of Trakio (SaaS customer success platform)

Author of ‘Growth Pirate!’

John Lees-Miller

Co-founder & CTO of Overleaf (Academic publishing platform)

Blanca Tortajada

Co-founder & Designer of Slackline (Shared channels across Slack teams)

I’d like to thank our very generous sponsors:

Trakio — The Customer Success Platform

Slackline — Create shared channels across Slack teams. Try it for free on our #slackline shared channel.

Overleaf — The easiest way to write and publish your work

Gini — We help #SaaS businesses get more value out of their Intercom customer data

Runway East — A work & community space for re-architecting how great products are designed, made & sold.

Please spread the word, share on Twitter and invite your friends and colleagues!

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