A new Product Manager position opened up at your dream company, and you landed an interview? Congratulations!

But you aren’t on the finish line yet, as you’ll need to impress your interviewers more than the other candidates.

Interviewing for a job is never a piece of cake. It takes spectacular…

You hear a lot about the need for soft skills in Product Management, but Product Managers also need hard skills.

Product Manager is a tough job that needs mastery across several domains and skills.

You have the ultimate responsibility for the product’s launch, success rests on you and you also…

Fostering a number of soft skills in yourself is an important aspect of Product Management.

Whether you are a traditional product manager or a growth product manager, you need many different skills, and must also possess inherent qualities necessary for surviving the rigours of the job.

So to be a…

Here are the things that every product manager should follow to be successful !!

Every successful Product Manager takes small steps everyday that move their teams and business forward in a meaningful way.

After all, product managers have a lot on their plate. They are responsible for the strategy, roadmap…

Always wanted to take product management as a career path, but didn’t know what it entails and what the growth avenues look like?

Well, below we take a deep dive into the career path of project manager which will help you gain some clarity of thoughts.
Product Management is one…

Are you like Elon Musk, tech product manager or Steve jobs, Designer product manager?

Well, Product management, as a subject, is too vast to fit in a single description. Different types of PMs can be divided into different categories based on their skills and specialisations.

If you are an Aspiring…

Brightigo Product School

Brightigo is an accelerator program for Aspiring Product Managers ! We believe the best way to learn Product Management is to by actually doing it

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