A humid day at my side. Having spent a full day doing nothing, despite being a morning person and going to bed as the clock struck 9 (pm) the previous night. The clear sky emanating bright sunshine that one wouldn't want to look up the sky to authenticate my adjective attribution. Not long after the thought passed, the gloomy clouds bring in pleasant breeze. Well things aren't always as bad as they seem.

Returning to my room, I was busy listing out things to do only to put off to some other day,that I hear a slight “meow”. Instantaneously my mouth whispered “meow” back and drove it out. Its a reflex that comes by living with cats and dogs.
Not realising the cat didn't take her kitten, I led my normal life. Only times I spoke in the room were while talking to family back home. One day I woke up to a squeaky voice telling me to wake up “Legu Chinnari Legu”(Get up Chinnari! Get up). Believing I was dreaming again I woke up to find a cute kitten standing on its four paws. I took it immediately into my arms and started cuddling.
Excited. Thrilled. Wondered. Scared.
She had a limited vocabulary that I had unintentionally introduced with “meow” just twice: once from her mother and other from me. She sits on the same side of the bed as me, walks like me, sleep along me, wakes up along with me as if I'm her mother. I get her a small piece of fried fish to eat for she agrees to my love for meat because she doesn't know how to dislike. I play with her paws to teach her to walk on 2 legs and she seldom walks upright. Is she the best friend I never had or am I the mother she never had?

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