Cargo Ship Full of German Explosives Headed for Israel has been Stopped by Spain

2 min readMay 18, 2024
Photo by Daniel Prado on Unsplash

The Borkum, a cargo ship accused by Spain’s leftist parties Sumar and Podemos of carrying weapons to Israel, refused to stop at the southeastern Spanish port of Cartagena. The decision was communicated at midnight by the shipowner to the Maritime Captaincy and confirmed by sources from Spain’s Ministry of Transportation, who insist that the final destination of the cargo is the Czech Republic, not Israel.

These sources did not rule out that the claim against the Borkum originated in a confusion, as another cargo ship with a confirmed destination of Haifa, Israel, had been previously denied access to Spanish ports.

The shipowner — a German company, although the vessel is flying the flag of Barbuda and Antigua — communicated that the ship would not make the stopover, even though all documentation was in order and it would have had no issues accessing Cartagena port.