Spreading the Love

First of all, what is love? Your definition might be different from mine. The definition that I use does not just apply to my close family members of my friends but to everyone in the world. My definition of love is a collections of synonyms such as patience, kindness, caring, understanding and compassion.

I believe we need to have love for everyone in the world. We can use love to brighten someone’s day. Just by giving someone a simple smile, you can lift them up. You never know how someone else is feeling inside and even the slightest gift of kindness can make them happy.

One of my favorite quotes is “Use your smile to change the world”(Unknown). This quote is so meaningful to me because it expresses how one little action, such as a smile can impact more than we could ever know. We need to start making chain reactions in our families, communities, societies and eventually the world, because just one act of kindness can be contagious enough to make a big difference.

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