Head hunting: How can you look for a job on Facebook or Twitter? — P.1

Head hunting: With the growth of social networks, today the big companies are building their fan page on Facebook or Twitter. They realize the situation update of company activities on social networks to attract the attention more than the company’s home page.

For candidates applying for jobs, it is extremely valuable. Any company do impress is if you proved to be knowledgeable about the activities of the company and its position. Through social networks, the candidates can quickly find a suitable job and learn about the target company.

But, how to use social networking to optimize search results efficiency are more interested candidates. Here are some suggestions for your preparation to submitting resumes:

What you’re looking for from social networking?

Head hunting: Recruitment content is the first factor affecting your job search. Carefully review the job description and job requirements of the position you want to apply is inevitable. However, in addition to the content of your company’s job postings apply, please refer to the job description of the company of the same industry, with similar positions. This is the best way for you to have more diverse views of its basic responsibility for future work.

In parallel, work requirements are also things you should consider. Based on the requirements of employers, do a self-assessment to make clear what meet the standards, if you gain more than 70% of the basic standards set out then confidently apply. Remember, do not try to bring a pair of shoes too wide to go on your career path just because the psychological desire to have work as soon as possible, you will never reach the target successfully.

Head hunting: The second thing you should note is that not only job seekers by job positions but also by companies. Spend more time to learn about the “second home” based on the criteria to be considered when choosing work. If such factors Remuneration, benefits and company’s reputation as a condition to your original decision to join the company, the four elements: Opportunities for development; Leadership team; Culture, values ​​and quality of work life role you decide to find love and long-term commitment to new work.

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