Head hunting specialist and recruitment secrets

As suggestion of a head hunting specialist, you should actively follow deserving companies to gradually update many important internal information in advance if your are a smart job-seeker. To deepen the information about the company, about how to approach the opportunity or strategy for a successful interview, it is best to make friends with the staffs who have been working at the company because they are the most reliable sources.

Are you the best candidate or not?

No matter how much flattery a head hunting specialist give you, you should understand that you are just one among a group of candidates (commonly 3–5 people) that head hunting specialists have to send to employers. So, it is likely that you are only “alternative candidates” used when head hunting specialists do not have enough applications to submission for the deadline.

That’s fine, employers partly rely on the introduction of head hunting specialists (because they often work with 2–3 head hunting specialists at a time and look for 10–15 applications before the interview). If you really like this opportunity, make an effort to creat an impressive application which is written professionally and neatly. That will not only help head hunting specialists “sell” you more easily but recruiter will also have a deep impression on you among many choices.

Headhunter can really help you find work?

They will help you if accidentally at the right time with customers seeking a candidate like you. And no, of course they will prioritize the time to look for other candidates for the existing clients (because the customer pays for them but …).

Do not be angry when calling the head hunting specialists seems to lack enthusiasm or sales that rolls back to you. Instead, be proactive, “marketing” themselves to many reputable and head hunting specialists. The recruitment specialist at the company.

Generally, “Know who know me, hundred battles hundred wins.” Always good grasp every opportunity and career strategy will be key exactly lead you to success.

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