Head Hunting Talks: 10 jobs without “paper work”

Head Hunting Talks: Many people feel the office work that cramped and confined, to sit on a chair 8 hours per day in one place makes them crazy. If you are one of them, why do you not think of the following work?

1. Estate Agent

An Estate Agent must take the customer to visit the property they intend to buy. They also directly visit the place where the customer wishes to sell to photograph material for reference. Then they will persuade customers to sell or buy the property where they were introduced.

2. MC

Head Hunting Talks: Many of the “heathen” look into this profession thinks that who is working as an MC sure very happy: well — dressed, appears regularly on stage and meets many celebrities. But to withstand the profession, an MC should regularly updated information, additional knowledge and bravery on stage.

3. Garden designer

Their job is to design the gardens and parks in a scientific and artistic. An architect garden is designed unlike a normal building architect. They had to design a model available on paper medium directly involved in the construction process to create additional or modify the irrationality in that space.

4. Building staff

They build, assembly and maintenance of buildings, roads and infrastructure. They are directly involved in construction works rather than sitting on the desk planned. The construction workers are who made drawings of engineers, architects under the direction of project manager.

5. Arbitration

As a referee, you can go a lot of places. If you are a football referee, you can also “exercise” so much as the players. Arbitration is the holder for the game, the contest was held fairly and honestly. Most sports require arbitration. This work will not only help your body fit but also frequently been living in the exciting atmosphere of the game.

6. Tourist Guides

The responsibilities of a tour guide are to help visitors understand and grasp the meaning of information on the landscapes they visit. A job to help you get to go places, knew diverse cultures and contact with many people. Working time is not fixed and there are always new job locations.

7. Sports Coach

This is vocational training and support on how athletes play and how to improve their playing skills. You often have to stay outdoors for hours or run around the room to monitor the exercise of the athletes.

8. Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural engineers are ones who do researchs on the development of plants. Beside the time in necessary laboratory research and tested a number of projects, most of the time left they are outside the field to learn and analyze the growth of trees and environmental factors impact up they like. They research to find out what new varieties offers.

9. Flight attendant

Perhaps, there is no question anymore about this profession. They go around the world, help and serve passengers in each flight. But to be “flying”, they had to study very hard: their way of speaking, walking, service, customer satisfaction … But more importantly, they must learn to save face for the country because they are seen as “the face” of a nation.

10. Pilots

Head Hunting Talks: Not many pilots as other professions: accountants, receptionists, sales … for specific occupations, not everyone has enough “quality” to become a pilot. This profession requires a process of learning and practicing hard. They hold in their hands the lives of many passengers. One minute first miscarriage can cause unpredictable results.

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