How to make impression on executive search firms?

Have you ever wondered: “How to make executive search firms pay attention to me and introduce me to their clients?”

How to make impression on executive search firms?


Executive search specialists build their search networks with 2 sources: meeting in person and taking candidates’ information online. Executive search specialists join in workshops and professional events. They search for candidates on social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook with a view to build relationships because they understand those relationships will bring benefits and good results in any fields in the future. Relationship is an abundant human resource to introduce to their clients. If you want to be hunted, take part in executive search firms/specialists’ network.

Introduce from acquaintance

Recruiter will appreciate if you are known and trusted by those they know and trust. Some executive search specialists think of gift-giving program for those who introduce potential candidates. Similar program is usually used with current employees introducing candidates for vacant positions.

The important thing is that you have to know the right way to approach the recruiters. A president of an executive search firm advises job-seekers: “Recruiters are human. Like you, they will praise and appreciate those who treat them with respect, understand them and their job not those who try to take advantage of them. Recruiters will prefer you if you approach them and express: “I like your website” and then go into their target instead directly speaking “I’m suitable for XYZ job, please introduce me.”

Following advice may help you approach executive search firms:

Online connection: Most of current recruitment is conducted on digital devices. It is old-fashioned to not have any social accounts or join in at least one job search website.

Register an account on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the top career social network in the world. The most memorable thing is that your outstanding achievement should be placed on the top of the account.

Change the connection way of LinkedIn: When you invite somebody to connect you on LinkedIn, do not use sample introduction sentences of the web. Instead, give them a reason to connect you. Sample introduction sentences play no roles in building a relationship.

Brand-building in your CV: At the top of your CV, you should have a summary paragraph to brand-building by introducing qualifications and professional level. Showing your value is the key to attract the attention of recruiters easily and help them to learn more if you are suitable for the job.