HR Consulting: Interview about AEC opportunities (Part 2)

In the previous part, Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, General Director of HR consulting firm Talentnet told us about the opportunities and willingness of Vietnam in the integration process of AEC. Now, the interview moves on with more interesting views of this matter.

HR consulting: interview about AEC opportunities

3. Risks of integration

Interviewer: In such an open labor market, workers have more opportunities for choices but enterprises will face risks at brain drain.

General Director of HR consulting firm Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh: That is right. AEC brings not only more opportunities for businesses but also more challenges. Vietnamese companies will fiercely compete with regional rivals in attracting talents. Facing risks of brain drain cannot be avoided in the short time ahead.

The qualified staffs of businesses can quit current jobs to seek for where they have higher salaries, better benefits and working environments. That is an unavoidable rule. Therefore, the domestic business community needs careful preparation when Vietnam officially takes part in AEC. Because the changes in human resources can lead to many consequences, even the collapse of businesses and organizations.

4. Necessary preparation

Interviewer: To reduce the negative impacts of more open labor market, in your opinion, what domestic enterprises need to prepare?

General Director of HR consulting firm Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh: In my opinion, enterprises should first understand themselves, analyze the strengths and points needing improvements in labor demand. Then, they need appropriate HR strategies to maximize AEC opportunities but still ensure competitive advantages.

Businesses need more investment on human resources management. Having more recruitment choices of high qualified manpower from regional countries results in the best thing only when enterprises have a proper process and internal administration system and professional working environment. That helps workers no matter where they come from adapt easily.

5. How to retain talents?

Interviewer: Being an enterprise working in HR consulting field, Talentnet has any detailed recommendation to retain and attract talents?

General Director of HR consulting firm Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh: To retain talents, enterprises need deeply understand HR policies and the advantages of other businesses, identify your strong points and competitive advantages in retaining talents.

Enterprises also need to learn more about the information of foreign candidates’ salaries, bonuses and then compare with salary structure in Vietnam. They can learn through global salary survey to have a proper salary scale.

Vietnam enterprises also need to learn deeply about working styles of regional workers and their expectations when working in Vietnam so that enterprises can have proper HR policies. In addition, the information about paperwork, labor law for foreigners, working visa, etc., are also the issues that businesses need examine deeply.