Payroll service: Hacker masquerades as CEO Snapchat, taking the company payroll too easy!

Payroll service: Shortly after receiving the good news with 8 billion video views per day (equivalent to Facebook), Snapchat has faced a security scandal, when hacker attacks and robs personal information and payroll of employees working in this company.

Specifically, the methods used by hackers “phishing attack” — a type of scam is not so new. Bad guys will send an e-mail pretending to be CEO Evan Spiegel and ask the HR department sent information on payroll and worker. Lack of experience. the staff did not realize that this fake email, leading to a “loss of privacy and security seriously affected” to startup technology is worth $ 16 billion.

Payroll service: However, Snapchat system also confirmed that their database is not being hacked, so those messages, photos or video “automatically deleted” users will still be safe. The company has collaborated with the FBI to investigate and promised to compensate the insurance money to the employees who are identified in the attack. Besides, these courses are also deployed security-in to avoid this happening again.

This is not the first celebrity chat application OTT hackers were visiting. 2014, Snapchat each incurring a huge scandal when mysterious hacker group has quietly collected more than 13 GB of photos, video is sent through this service. Among them, there are a lot of sensitive content and even 18+ photos of minors — accounting for half of Snapchat users.

Payroll service: The fight video online can now not only princes who challenge YouTube and Facebook, which now also appears to add a new character that is Snapchat. A chat application and chatting but suddenly becomes a platform with video views equal to the social network Facebook.