Payroll service: Labor pay via ATM — Should It be legalized?

Payroll service: MOLISA is developing a draft amendment of the Labor Code, including one new point which first included in the draft is specified on the payroll ATM cards. Currently, drafted by the Ministry of Justice on the evaluation, It is expected to submit to the Government in January 8.2011 and 10.2011 to the National Assembly in October. However, both businesses and workers (employees) still have more comments.

Should we stop encouraging?

Payroll service: According to Mr. Hoang Minh Hao — Deputy Director of the Department of Labor — Wage (MOLISA), in fact, the majority of domestic enterprises have implemented this form of payment. However, the introduction of the draft of Labour Code is to transparent of salary payment through ATM cards and ensure the benefit to the employees. Labor Code amendments would create a legal framework, based on which documents will be specified as the payroll card: Cost withdrawals will be charged by the employee or by the employer under Labour? if the employees lose their money due to poor security, does that agency take their responsibility? the account must have a security amount, that provision will be made by the employee or the employer bear? … All these issues will be legalized by the specific terms.

To face with those issues, many companies said the payroll account for employees has done for 4–5 years. Recognizing the advantages of this method, however, many business representatives said that the application can do or not, depending on specific conditions of each enterprise and the employees, so it is important to encourage and not included in law.

Labour is not interested!

When asked about the issue, many employees also expressed anxiety because this form of paying still has many inadequate issues. Nguyen Thi Thuy — Phuc Khanh IZ workers — Thai Binh city said she was familiar with this form 6 years ago. Every mont,h you have to sign the payroll and other payments in the company, then take withdrawals. However, shortcomings that she and many other workers encounter is not always the ATM to withdraw the money immediately, because when the ATM out of money, or it’s error, or if you want to withdraw through the other bank, you can be charged.

“It sounds simple, but there is so much troubles when receiving salary through your card. Most of us never want to balance accounts through a single transaction, but did not get enough money to leave as deposit as received directly. The bank requests withdrawal amount must be a multiple of 50,000, not including the money from 50,000–100,000 dong accounts must leave in accordance with the provisions of each bank. Anyway, We still must sign in the contract or salary payment pay cash. It’s more convenient than!”, Ms. Thuy confided.

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