Payroll service: Many utilities while paying salaries via accounts — P2

Payroll service: To implement the policy of the Government and the State Bank on the development of forms TTKDTM, banks have been actively investing in infrastructure to increase customer utility. Among them, notably the Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam (Vietinbank) — one of the pioneer banks is in an effort to modernize technology, maximizing utility customers. Discussions on this issue, Mr. Tran Minh Binh — Director of Vietinbank Card Center, said: Recently, the Bank has continuously invested in modern technological solutions to provide new gadgets for customers.

Payroll service: So, the customers can make a purchase of goods or services online, air ticket booking, booking tour, paying wireless services, piloting Banking service (connected through ATM access internet to obtain information, transfer, account balance inquiries), deployed MOTO banking services (bill payment services to customers via mail, fax, phone etc …), Autobank deployment. Particularly in 2009, Vietinbank has invested 300 new ATMs and November next, Vietinbank center will link with some other object to pilot personal income tax revenue, pay customs fees, collection fees on behalf of the State Treasury … Vietinbank estimates there are over 2.7 million ATM cardholders, of which approximately 30% is located in the object payroll accounts (600,000 cardholders).

Payroll service: Besides the results and benefits mentioned above, the process of implementing payroll account still does have some restrictions that the press referred to as condition of infrastructure, service quality of the TCCUDVTT which sometimes do not meet user needs and customer psychology. To help customers better understand this issue, Mr. Tran Minh Binh — Director of Vietinbank Card Center explained the electrocution phenomena that reflects customer when making transactions on the ATMs. It’s just very particular case, the probability is very low. Because, ATMs are designed for two-phase safety and anti-shock system. All banks are in compliance with regulations to ensure safety for our customers. Even computer keyboard with a flood came can be recovered after by being dried by maintenance, it could be better used. As for customer complaints when withdraws accounts, according to Binh: there are many causes for it as the cardholder taken advantage of and due to relatives without memory card borrowing … Thus, cardholders should make carefully managing their card, they lose they must immediately notify the card issuing bank to avoid losing money in the card draw.

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