Payroll service to optimize salary system and benefits

Why do companies need payroll service to help them control salary and benefit system? In the context of integrated and competitive economy, salary and benefits system is seen as one of the effective tools to attract and motivate employees to improve productivity and contribution efficiency; help enterprises (companies) remain stable and overcome the difficult period, achieve sustainable development goals.

Keep employees on their toes

The first reason why you need payroll service is that they operate your salary and benefits system more effectively. You cannot deny that besides salaries, bonuses and benefits, there are many other tools to motivate employees as training opportunities, job advancement. However, wages and remuneration is still considered a leading factor when deciding on individual businesses to collaborate and sticking. In particular, the competitive environment in human resources is increasingly fierce as today, if the company does not pay and benefits system clear, rational and science, it is difficult to attract and retain good employees; can even eliminate the motivation of employees.

However, many companies are still confused in matters of policy construction wages, bonuses and benefits so that rational and scientific staff. Since then, leading to a general status quo in many businesses, salary system lacks internal fairness and did not accurately reflect the extent of the employee’s contribution to the enterprise; therefore, the current system can not be paid as a lever to motivate them to work as desired. This is clearly expressed in the transformation of state enterprises by forms familiar with hierarchical salary, qualifications, seniority, which easily lead to the increase of the salary fund, wasting but business goals still not reached. That’s where payroll service can help you manage more efficiently.

Payroll service — a solution for business

Under the perspective of many HR professionals, if companies have identified as the payment of wages spent on development investment must be considered wage labor is the price, which is determined in accordance with market principles. Thus, the salaries and other welfare policies for employees must be based on productivity, employment outcomes and the contribution of the employee in the position they take on the work, on the basis of ensuring harmonious interest between employees and companies. This is a difficult problem because in many companies, the operator is still dominated by emotional factors in governance and are bound by the notion of “long live to old guard” in the salary structure.

According to experts, it is necessary in setting the salary system in the current era of technology is used to coordinate intelligence tool, providing business features and characteristics of legal policy areas also integrated features such as competency assessment, performance scientific activities to support administrators build a reasonable salary scale, obviously.

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