Payroll system: Which formula is for teachers’ salaries? P.1

Payroll system: Teachers’ salaries always be dissected in multiple ways, from different angles, but there is one common point is teachers’ salaries are not enough to live, not enough to obtain that it’s being a motivation to teach or to stay with this job.

Inadequate wages and allowances of teachers

Currently, the payroll system of secondary teachers is stipulated in Decree No. 204/2004 of the Government of the salary regime for civil servants and employees, etc. Accordingly, high school teachers are pain based on professional payroll system, tasks og officials and employees in the business units, teachers are classified as civil servants.

Indeed, in terms of ladder and payroll system of teachers, it is not as much as one of the highest pay scale in the system of administrative pay scale, career. College graduation, as well as other sectors of teachers have salary level 1 is 2.34, but some wage earnings less than other sectors such as senior high school teachers have type 1 of salary ratio is 4.0 that lower more than professional prong is level 1 is 4.40, while professionals only require a university degree, and senior high school teachers must have a postgraduate degree.

In addition, the allowance is inadequate. The allowances for officials and teachers working in areas with difficult economic conditions do not commensurate with the difficulties, strenuous things that they must suffer. Allowances for specialized teachers in special schools are the same as general teacher are unfair.

As reported by the Vietnam Education Trade Union, there are many local state wage arrears, especially allowances owed wages, wages for overtime teaching, education training, allowances and allowances attraction for teachers in disadvantaged areas.

Payroll system: Amending and supplementing some articles of the Education Law adopted by the National Assembly on 25/11/2009, is effective from 1/7/2010, but to 7/2011 the Government has issued new guidelines terms of seniority and pay allowances for teachers, so many longtime teachers are working so far that not received this kind of allowance.

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