Salary in Vietnam is still low

According to the latest statistics of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the average salary in Vietnam remained at low levels in the ASEAN region, reaching 3.8 million (US $ 181).

This amount, calculated in 2012, higher than Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, but only by half compared with Thailand, a third of Malaysia and part 20 of Singapore.

Considering the global context, wage growth in Asia tend to excel, to reach 6% a year, compared with 2% of the world in 2013 in the ILO report.

However, the organization said that one third of the total number of workers in this area are still unable to overcome poverty income threshold of $ 2 US a day.

Labor Performance

Despite undergoing reforms to four times, the increase of the average income of nearly 14% in 2011–2013, but the minimum salary in Vietnam in the last two years is still only meet 60% of the subsistence minimum Vietnam , far behind the developed countries and economies in the region.

ILO Director in Vietnam Sziraczki Gyorgy assessment: “The distance difference between the large wage ASEAN countries reflects major differences in many aspects, including labor productivity.”

Also in the survey of this organization, the labor productivity of Vietnam in 2013 to 15 times lower than Singapore, Japan and South Korea 11 times to 10 times.

Sziraczki He also emphasized that the salary in Vietnam increases have a significant effect to the policies of the state, and the minimum wage will be a springboard to maximize the benefits of economic integration.

Improving the quality of human resources is traditionally regarded as the foundation for development, enterprise resource development and production activities, promote development of social life with better employment conditions.

Inequalities in industry structure

Quote Labor Employment Survey 2013, “financial activities, banking and insurance,” which industry achieved the highest wages (7.23 million a month), followed by “professional activities, science learning technologies “(6.53 million) and” business property “(6.4 million).

Meanwhile, despite accounting for half of the labor force of the country, but agriculture, forestry and fisheries are in the category with an average monthly salary of the lowest (2.63 million).

Percentage of salaried employees of this sector accounted for just over 10% of salaried workers in Vietnam, due to the level of development and small-scale farming is prevalent.

Labor statistics show that wage employment now accounts for just 35% of workers employed in Vietnam, less than 50% worldwide.

According to the report, the sector “agriculture, forestry and fisheries” Vietnam’s gender wage gap largest in all the sectors. Women are paid 32% less than men, the figure was 17% in the industry “nghep processing and fabrication”.

At the two highest wage sector “financial activities, banking and insurance”, female employees are entitled to higher salaries than men 3.4%, and this figure in the industry “professional activities, science learning technologies “is 1.4%.

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