When are Strobe Lights Required in Fire Alarm Systems?

Strobe lights provide valuable visual alert that something is wrong, alerting people and individuals with hearing impairment that an emergency situation exists. Building owners and contractors must provide adequate protection to occupants through mandated fire alarm system requirements which are detailed in several regulatory manuals. The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, outlines these requirements in NFPA72 and NFPA101 standards, the International Building Code, IBC, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, also provide direction as to when and where strobe lights are required in buildings as part of the emergency and fire alarm system.

All documents require that strobes be installed in public areas such as hallways, lobbies and restroom so that any hearing-impaired person would be alerts to a fire emergency when visiting public buildings. Common areas such as classrooms, cafeterias, conference rooms, and employee break rooms which are not designated as employee work areas must also be equipped with strobes. Individual employee work areas such as offices and workstations are not required to have visual strobes, unless accommodating hearing impaired employees and they must contain audible alarms and notifications.

The primary method of notification is typically audible with proper audio notification throughout an entire facility. When employers and building owners are aware of a hearing-impaired employee or resident, they must make accommodations to provide visual alerts.

HRSS Offers Fire Alarm System Design to Meet all Code Requirements

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