My Home

The Sarah was a big old ship,old and big ship, stinky, bloody ship was my home as I used the small of the pop and the sticky urine in my skin and I used the dead body as a cover when is cold and my bloody chains.

The cry of a woman came from the top of the ship at night a just make you stand and give you strunk but the only thing that held me back was my bloody and rusty chains, you can fill how it made the god’s mad at them and suddenly a strong wind starting to shake the sarah and the light was gone a was like the end of this horrible time but i heard something strange, I was happy because I was going to die and be free.

Chained the bottom of the boat waiting thing for death I made a friend the darkness waiting for hope but there’s no hope when death is coming.I was mad because I was hearing my wife getting beat up by the mask men when I was chained under the ship and when they started to flog her I was feeling her pain it just made me want to roar like a lion when he catches the hunt and I was trying to find an escape plan.

The bright light shine on my face and I felt I open my eyes I will be blind like the sun God Ra bern my eyes but he just told me is time to live this place I never believed gods but he had the wisdom of a king I just felt that’s right to obey him as a sun God the he vanished thin air then I tried to escape but the masked men saw me then he asked me.

“Berko what are you doing in the hall”Sad john as he took off his mask.

“This is when you die any last words”reply Berko as he cracked the john’s neck.

“You won’t get awayyyyy!!!!”sad John as he died.

I run up the stairs I looked at my left and saw Anna was lying on the ground and she was bleeding I run to her I quickly did CPR but I was too late she was gone and I closed her eyes and kissed her as a goodbye.

I saw captain abel and I started to run before it’s too late and I was just dive in the fresh water and taste the salt the ocean suddenly berko got shot when he was dive into the water and the sky turn black and the est sky was shining with flames of light and two God’s appear the god of the dead anubis was mad because he saw anna’s body and the floor he asked.

“Who killed this woman “sad Anubis.

“This monster killed anna ”replied Berko as he was drowning in the sea.

“I decided to bring anna to life”sad Anubis.

“I think I should save that human”sad ra sun god as he was flyed to save berko

The evil god Anubis killed captain John because him and his people flogged Aanna to death. He used a spall to bring people to the dead. Ra also used his power to heal Berko Wasswa ‘s leg and the god ra and anubis fuse their power to fix the boat and releasing the slaves. Suddenly Anubis vanished in the darkness that when the sun God Ra filled eld in the sky and shine the brightest light in the world. Aas he was leaving first saw a God smiled at me and anna as the golden feather of his wings were floating down to us as the heavenly king was living us.

Ra the sun god and Anubis God of the dead.
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