Yara Greyjoy ❤ Yara Greyjoy

Photo in-game by Luca Tenaglia (@luca.ten)

Lisa Muner, voted best actor/actress in the “DRACARYS” Larp in Castello Rezzanello this August for embodying a parallel story of Yara Greyjoy (see pic, by Luca Tenaglia) did get the attention of the “real” Yara Greyjoy (the actress Gemma Whelan, @WhelanGemma) over twitter, liking Lisa´s post!


A path of fiction (F) and reality (R) is unfolding here: F(book)>R (Yara1)>F(broadcast)>R(audience)>F(Larp planning)>R(Larp playing)>F(Larp, photos, tweets)>R(Yara2)>F(sharing, FB etc.)

or in more detail:

Fiction (the books “The Songs of Ice and Fire”) meets Reality (a set, a TV production, Yara Gemma Whelan) meets Fiction (“Game of Thrones”, broadcast media) meets Reality (the viewer, the audience) meets the Fiction of a Live Action Role-playing Game (GoT inspired “Dracarys” by Terrespezzate), meets Reality (playing a Larp in a castle setting, fans as characters in costumes) meets Fiction (photos, tweets, FB) meets Reality (Yara Lisa Muner) meets Fiction (tweets, FB, medium.com, the audience)

= Yara ❤ Yara


Yes. Fun bigtime!