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Gentrification related headlines arguing for and against the positive and negative outsomes of new developments and gentrification.

Going off of our previous post and mid review, I’ve decided to highlight one issue we have tackled in our project so far: Gentrification.

This is first done by exploring Gentrification’s role through a simple poem.

The Gentrification Paradox: A Poem

Like it or not,

A cycle, it comes and goes,

Rapidly spreading,


Brick by brick. At times empowering communities,

Bringer of opportunities and symbol of change.

Yet oftentimes insensitive,

soul crushing,


The idea here is to explore how both the positive and negative outcomes brought about by gentrification. …

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Commutes can be daunting in a city such as New York. I wanted to explore the different parameters that have a direct effect on the quality and lengths of our commutes. I chose to focus in on the Citi Bike program which has faced many problems since the bike-sharing program was launched in 2015. Do fleet sizes and their locations relative to hubs, subway stations or parks matter? Do changes in climate influence our decision in pursuing one form of transportation over another, and how does cost factor in?

Citi Bike has been criticized of not catering yo ‘transit deserts’ located in the outer boroughs which face limited transportation options, and where residents often faced longer commutes. …

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