Andy Puzder has withdrawn his nomination for the position of Secretary of Labor. Mr. Pudzer has promised that when he becomes he secures his position as secretary of labor, that he would put the labor force of America on the right path to success. His plans were questions because of his own personal life problems. The main two problems that Buzz feed news and NBC had to say about Andy were, the allegations of physical abuse towards his wife, as well as employing undocumented workers. Now, in these two articles, they both had similar information, but to make the reader have a different perception of Mr. Andy Puzder, they stacked them differently as well as used different diction.

To begin with, In the source of buzz feed news, they had stacked the article by giving the readers a perception of Mr. Puzder that he was a white collar criminal. They first stated that he was very gracious to have been nominated by President Donald Trump to be the Secretary of labor because of how he promised to put jobs on the right path to greatness. He withdrew his nomination in this article to what some readers may have been due to him not running his own business correctly and employing undocumented workers. They also included him abusing his wife, which had nothing to do with putting jobs for people on the right path! They simply added this in to show how disgusting of a human Mr. Andy Puzder was. They included a short paragraph that was totally unnecessary, adding to the allegations of him abusing his wife, which again had nothing to do with the news of him withdrawing himself as the Secretary of Labor.

Similarly, nbc news took on the same story, but had different things to say about the situation. They had the many same things listed in their article, they just stacked it and used different diction compared to Buzz feed news’ article. They began their article with a video explaining that he was not the man for the job because of his allegations and in the video they again showed events that portrayed him as a bad man. Protestors holding him signs that said he is a wage cheater because of his views on minimum wage expense. They also only showed and talked about/with people who were against him, while in Buzz Feed News, they showed a mixture of supporters as well as refuters. NBC also used diction like “the Republicans TOPPLED him over”, as well as “we saw the EROSION of his support”. the second example shows readers that clearly, he was losing fans and him withdrawing himself from the nomination of Secretary of Labor was not a huge deal.

In conclusion, Andy Puzders news of withdrawing his nomination was handed to interested readers, but in different organized ways depending on how the author felt what went where. I personally feel that NBC had a better grasp of making him look bad as well as giving factual information on why he had withdrawn himself from nomination. Compared to Buzz Feeds article where they gave a little information about him withdrawing himself, and then going on and on about things that had nothing to do with his actions. Adding things like his previous physical abuse with his wife, could have been removed, helping the readers get a better grasp of the news. Unfortunately, their was bias involved in both articles, causing the authors to alter the actual important facts of the event.