HSC Believer: HSC Projects Weekly Report(2021/12/20–2021/12/26)

Ⅰ. Project: PuddingSwap

Project News

  1. PuddingSwap Liquidity Pools added new members: AVAX-USDT, SOL-USDT, SUSHI-HOO, SUSHI-PUD, SUSHI-USDT

Ⅱ.Project: SameFinance

Project News

  1. Samecoin has announced the SamePay Wallet website and the introduction. SamePay users can now download the wallet from the official Website.

SamePay Website:samepay.com

Ⅲ. Project: SwapAll

Project News

  1. SwapAll listed three trading token pairs: MX-USDT, HT-USDT,METIS-USDT

2. SwapAll held 3 METIS trading giveaway events, users can trade, deposit METIS through SwapAll and share worth a total of $30,000 METIS tokens during 12/21–12/31.

Ⅳ. Project: LegendWolf

Project News

  1. LegendWolf, a new on-chain game that combines action and strategy elements, has announced on December 22 that it will soon be deployed on the HSC and is now opening an official channel to welcome users to its community and DAO organization


1. The contents of this weekly report are compiled by “HSC Believer” for informational purposes only, and “HSC Believer” undertakes no audit responsibility for any of the items contained in this weekly report, nor makes any promises or warranties as to the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness and timeliness of the information.

2. There are huge risks in digital currency investment. Please be cautious in your investment and pay attention to transaction risks.

HSC Believer does not assume warranties, indemnification, etc. for any of your investments.




Volunteer and Believer of #HSC, wish #HOO to the moon!!!

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HSC Believer

HSC Believer

Volunteer and Believer of #HSC, wish #HOO to the moon!!!

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