What will happen if Donald Trump isn’t elected president?

Buzzfeed reporter Matt Stopera asked a bunch of Trump supporters. Their answers display a range of misplaced trust and outright nativism.

Many of the answers were just dumb; “God will smite the U.S.A.” is an interesting one, since I don’t think Donald Trump knows Galatians from Galaxians. “Communism will form if Trump doesn’t win” would be nice, but somehow I doubt it. “If Hillary wins 1 world order” might be right, though I’m less scared of black helicopters than people with Visa Black Cards. “Our freedom to speak our minds will suffer” is perhaps worthy of discussion, if entirely wrong, and “No import tariffs” at least accurately describes a policy position (however outdated/misplaced) held by Trump.

But some of these are just too much.

The misspelling of the diminutive form of Senator Sanders’ relatively common first name shouldn’t be held against this smiling woman. What we might ask, however, is what, exactly, the U.S. will be “full of” during a Sanders presidency.

Let’s consult our handy Trump Aptitude Test—the TAT!

“If Burnie Sanders wins the U.S will be full of __________”

a) Losers

b) Wimps

c) Muslims

d) Immigrants

Circle one to move ahead!

Aha—now this guy knows what the answer is. Smarty-pants. The answer is d), immigrants! Notice that this xenophobe doesn’t even bother with the crypto-nativist cry that all this immigration is illegal! Nope, it’s just immigrants he has a problem with, plain and simple. Let’s not worry about whether borders should be open, or concern ourselves too closely with the root causes of immigration—like, say, war, drought, climate change—or, God/Trump forbid, actually think about how we (white people) got here in the first place. Instead we say, all hail John Birch!

And you thought Donald made fun of wimps. You want to see a wimp? Check this guy who’s so ashamed of his racism he can’t even support it with his own visage.

Remember when all the pundits were saying that Donald Trump didn’t have a chance? Low polling estimates for Trump’s support were driven, in part, by a fascinating phenomenon: the secret Trump voter. Yes, it’s true —bless the secret ballot’s poor heart— pollsters have reported that there’s a disparity between what voters say they will do and what they actually do, evidenced most virulently when racists are too embarrassed by their racism to tell phone surveyers that they will vote for Trump.

Maybe he thinks he’s protecting himself. A masked vigilante. When you’re speaking out to protect atrocious acts like torture and extrajudicial killing, sure, that might raise some people’s ire. But it’s not like you’re hiding Jews in occupied Belgium, or even playing rock and roll in communist Cuba; you’re literally just stating the status quo.

So sure, racism is kinda outré these days — but white supremacists are just making explicit the fact of the system, that white heteropatriarchy is still the name of the game. They’re still at the top of the system. They’re not the ones in daily danger. Let’s remember that Dylann Roof literally shot a bunch of people over the color of their skin and got away with his life, whereas say, Sandra Bland was by all appearances afforded no such luxury.

And no, we shouldn’t say “oh but free speech” for this guy just because he is “speaking his mind.” He’s saying things were better when an entire category of human was disbarred from citizenship and treated as material property. This guy is human garbage, at this point, but I’d never call him subhuman. All too human.

She’s so proud of herself! It’s almost cute.

Maybe if she’d done her research she’d know that Italy is literally ruled by socialists. Matteo Renzi is the prime minister and a member of the Party of European Socialists, which is seeking to join the Socialist International, which can call upon more than 150 years of socialist heritage building working class power to overcome capitalism.

I don’t think that’s what she had in mind.