How to Avoid a Life of Misery
Zat Rana

The second law of Thermodynamics is that of Entropy, which is the fundimental fact that the expansion of the universe means order is constantly devolving to disorder, and only by constant effort do organized systems even stay in continuous order-living things are the only things that do this, and humans and thus society are the only living thing to consciously (versus instinctively as animals do) attemt to not only maintain order but to create additional order.

But in expanding, empty space is created, old orders are destroyed leaving space and opportunity for new ideas and orders. Thus, the actions of the past and of others, which we had no control over, leave us in control of our future.

This is the fundimental rule of the universe, all we have to do is recognize and seize it: we are the true masters of our destiny.

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