TSA, I Shall Taunt You a Second Time!

There are many reasons why stowing away on an aircraft may seem desirable.

  • You want to get away from it all, but those pesky charges for airline tickets keep getting in the way.
  • You always meet such nice people in the seat next to you, or kicking your seat from behind.
  • You are considering patterning your life after the protagonist in “The Terminal”
  • If you give them a chance, Bistro Boxes are delicious.
  • Every time you do it, you get your name and picture in the paper! EVERY time!


You are secretly testing the Transportation Security Administration

Truly, this citizen may be going above the call of civic duty to improve security for us all. Follow this possible rationale: “If you see something, say something.” “Okay, buddy, I DO see something! I see slack security and no one willing to challenge me, ha ha! I see a huge crowded line at the security checkpoint and a way to slip around. I see a family too focused on folding up their stroller to notice that I’m boarding with them, and best of all, I see an empty seat on this plane!” The thoughtful measures taken by this citizen have already earned her a solid reputation, and may have improved airline security by 8%. Maybe.


Eagle Eggs will stay on this case by checking around for stowaways every time one of us has to travel. Because that’s the kind of steely-eyed patriots we are.

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