Habits Can Make You Stupid And Then Kill You
James Altucher

A lot of habits are good. I work in technical support. I have a process that I follow for working cases. It has worked out very well. The great thing though is that my process is always being refined — most of the time without me thinking about it too much. Plus I get lots of input from my boss and peers. As I go through this process, I notice patterns and adapt to them. My process for working support cases actually changes a couple of times a week. It’s been this way now for very close to five years. See? This is not much different than what our ancient ancestors did. So, habits aren’t a bad thing but like all things that come from self-improvement fads, there are greater degrees of decision-making forks. When we get advice from others we shouldn’t follow that advice blindly (who the hell does that anyways?) but allow room for refinement. Great article though. I enjoyed reading it.