10 bullet points, 6 links, and 1 quote

On why you should support this parklet proposal.

  1. It is a great chance to tell our city and the rest of the country that we value green spaces and a natural, ecologically balanced urban environment.
  2. It presents a rare opportunity for citizens to directly transform the urban design of our city.
  3. People are saying great things about it.
  4. The fund on Kickstarter ends this week on November 11.
  5. The creators have a great plan and are offering a sweet reward ladder.
  6. We cannot miss the window to show our support for a greener future, one park at at time.
  7. It is easy to be individually short-sighted but hard to be collectively foresighted.
  8. It is simple to disregard the earth’s gifts and exploit the land and seas and difficult to care for it as it cares for us.
  9. It is tempting to give up but rewarding to come together despite our differences to support a common endeavor.
  10. And not least,
“Upon the successful completion of our project, the City of Rochester will seek to formally launch a municipally led parklet program city-wide.”