Silence Broken

I’ve tried to write this several times

Attempted to gather pieces of broken thoughts

Started and stopped

Felt my hand begin to shake

Edited myself-restrained myself

I forgot to breath

Forgot how to

It was originally supposed to be a prayer-an apology a silent and broken amen or hallelujah

Then it became a letter from me to it the thing that mutilates my smile and steals my sleep but makes me say, “I’m fine”

Then it became a poem

All flower and no substance

All substance but no heart

All heart but no purpose

Ultimately it became one word: please

I looked up and all around me was darkness

Desperate, I reached out my right hand and she was there

I felt her pulse

I reached out my left hand and she was there

I felt her pulse

All around me were heartbeats

They beat the words you are not alone

My silence began to break

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