Nutter Fort Primary Witch Hunt
Yvonne Loar

Yvonne — There are always two sides to every story. So glad you shared the other side. I came across the 10 sec video on FB. As a mother, I was initially saddened & outraged. Heartbroken for the child. The majority of comments were angry, condemning of the teacher involved. So angry & vigilante, wanting the teacher fired, etc. My curiosity took me to search for more information on the video, event. I came across your post & immediately was so glad that someone had the courage & initiative to rationally assess & explain what happened. As a parent, we can & should be Mama Bear & protect & speak for our children as well as others. As a parent, we are the example to others. Posting a 10 sec video & taking on the victimized role doesn’t seem to me to be the example I would want to set. Children today & obviously adults today don’t think or realize the power of social media. As a parent & school employee, I daily see how social media can in an instant negatively impact or worse, ruin a child or adults life. I have seen students & teachers embarrassed & humiliated by one, what seemed so innocent or joking post or share. I have two teenagers, one on the high end of Asberger’s. Challenges come no matter what hand you are dealt. That is life. How we choose to react is the bigger picture. I don’t think the parents of the boy posted the video in malice. I think they were hurt & saddened for their son & in that moment that was the reaction they chose. It is all the comments & hatred that breaks my heart. Having many friends & colleagues that are teachers, my heart breaks for Miss Lindsay. Unless you are, have been a teacher or been in a school, you have no idea. Just no idea what a life in the day of a teacher is like. Everyday I walk the fine line as parent & school employee. That has definitely given me a clearer more broad view. I don’t know Miss Lindsay, as a person or teacher so mine is not to judge her actions or intentions. I hope that everyone who has negatively commented & shared the original video understands the effect this has had. A woman is now being crucified for a 10 sec moment in time. Shame on all those who words, share & posts choosing anger & hatred. “Be the change you wish to see in others.” — Mahatma Gandhi