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Charles Thompson
Nov 20, 2019 · 3 min read

Credibility and accomplishments are two virtues that one primarily looks for when combing through a barrage of attorneys to best represent one’s firm or business. A perfect marriage between these credentials is evident when the body of work and achievements of Joshua Just Attorney is reviewed. Decorated with decades of experience extending across the globe, as a consultant to various business streams for varied profitable objectives, the expertise of Joshua Just extends not only to legal matters but from his previous ventures as an entrepreneur making him a multi-faceted asset to his clients. Having regularly worked with leadership executives, he has provided advice on high-level projects across both legal and business sectors. His experience in the dispute resolution process allows him to develop solutions for customers, manage client expectations in a meaningful way and gives him the ability to resolve sophisticated and complex contractual related disputes. Outside of the law, his entrepreneurial enthusiasm has led him to start several successful firms in the fields of real estate, discount health, and financial management services.

The Diverse Career Path of Joshua Just Attorney

Joshua Just’s diverse career path in the legal and entrepreneurial sector started with his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he attended many classes at the Wharton Business School and was awarded for his excellence in academia earning himself a spot in both the International Honor Society and on the Dean’s List. Following college, he was awarded the Dean’s Merit Scholarship from Brooklyn Law School where he received his juris doctorate. Soon thereafter, he began working as an associate in two boutique law firms before setting up a successful Manhattan law firm where he honed his skills in litigation with over 100 trials under his belt. Apart from trying cases in state and federal courts, negotiating over one thousand settlement agreements and complex deal negotiations, he has also assisted his fellow attorneys in trial techniques and strategies. Pursuing his original passion as a trial attorney while managing the marketing and business aspects of his firm helped him develop the acumen to seek more challenging ventures in his career.

Entrepreneurial Achievements

He made his mark as an entrepreneur when he founded Charter Investments, LLC, which required him to identify profitable startups in flourishing sectors such as financial services, real estate and emerging green markets. He was also a managing partner and founding member of Valued Health LLC — a discount health company, a partner at LHDR-Help — a debt settlement company — as well as a managing partner at E&J Real Estate — a real estate development company in the New York Tri-State area. His expertise in delivering a solid corporate structure and critical insight for efficient operations served to provide a means of optimizing a company’s profit and growth for the long run.

Now for over nine years, Joshua Just Attorney has been legal counsel and a business consultant for TransPerfect Global, the world’s largest privately held provider of language services, e-discovery and related technologies whose clients include every major law firm and Fortune 500 companies.

His fresh perspective on leadership, management and communication skills have been harnessed through years of experience in marketing, management and finance along with his knowledge of the legal system acquired as a trial lawyer. This unique combination of accomplishments has allowed him to provide invaluable advice on high-level projects across various legal and business sectors.

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