Boston Public Library

When I joined a start up company as a QA engineer, I soon found out that we had automated integration tests running on a daily basis. But they were broken due to all the recent UI changes and failed every day so heavily that nobody paid attention to them.

The developer, who wrote the integration tests, was not with the company any more. The automation framework was written in Ruby. While fixing the tests, it became obvious that our Ruby tests needed to be replaced with some easier to use framework. The choice was done in favor of WebdriverIO. WebdriverIO is build upon Selenium and uses Java Script.

Automation engineers were hired to build the new framework and to set up Continuous Integration with Jenkins. So far, we have 3 smoke integration tests that run in Jenkins and block the developers on merges to master. The rest of the regression tests are not blocking, and they run each day at 8 am. About 30% of manual regression test cases have been already automated. It took us about 9 months to be where we are now, just like for a baby to be born.