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Zendesk launched a new Partnership Program


Zendesk launches a new valued based partnership program for improving the customer experience and to increase customer outreach. In this blog, I would analyse how well this program fits into their portfolio of products and services offered to other companies. …


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that is available for both consumers and businesses. Recently, they announced the option to integrate their tool with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions which is a boost for many businesses for increasing their outreach. …


A couple of weeks back, my peer mentioned about a smartwatch that was being sold for $79.99 on Amazon. Just when I was convinced that there cannot be a cheaper smartwatch priced below $100. I was wrong. Pine 64 a Linux-based company has announced they would be soon launching…

Time to switch MailChimp ?

Recently MailChimp announced its pivot towards becoming an all-in-one marketing platform. With that, they also introduced a new pricing system that has sparked rage among its existing users. …

The new Genesis is priced at $79.99


Sega is releasing one of the best retro consoles at $79.99 on September 19th. They are trying to undo a decade of damage they had caused by not listening to their customers with their poorly made consoles. Is this enough to drive the sales and get their reputation back?

Vijay MN

Product Enthusiast and a Graduate Student at Duke University

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