What to Eat to Treat Freckles, Spots, Blemishes

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  1. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C is good for preventing unwanted freckles from appearing and it is also good for treating pigmentary deposit from past acne problems.
  • It is advised that you consume foods that contain large quantities of Vitamin C.
  • This vitamin can also help to preserve the skin’s elasticity as well as prevent any discolouration of the skin by suppressing melanin over activity and promoting collagen synthesis.
  • (Collagen is a protein that keeps skin looking smooth, elastic, and healthy.)
  • Vitamin C is water-soluble; meaning that it cannot stay in your body nor can it be stored in our body if we were to consume it in excessive amounts. So it is important to have the right amount of vitamin C on a daily basis.
  • Some examples of foods that contain high amounts of vitamin C include: cabbage, broccoli, and the majority of other fruits and vegetables as well.
  • If it is for beauty care purposes, vitamin C supplements are recommended to be consumed daily in addition to your regular food.
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2. Collagen

  • One reason for the appearance of freckles is the imbalance of certain female hormones.
  • Collagen is a protein that is very similar to those female hormones.
  • Isoflavone (a crystalline compound) which is commonly found in the legume family, has very similar effects as those certain female hormones as well.
  • Collagen are most commonly found in animal skin — since collagen is water-soluble, it is recommended to drink all the broth when you have soup or stew.

3. Vitamin E

  • This vitamin has many benefits, such as having anti oxidant abilities, aid to release melanin, as well as increasing metabolism.
  • Unlike vitamin C, vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin; hence it’s effects would be most noticeable when taken with meals that contain oil.
  • Some examples of foods with vitamin E are avocado, sesame, pumpkin, and almond.
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4. Coenzyme Q10

  • This is a natural substance that is an anti-oxidant, anti-aging, fights wrinkles and is therefore commonly used in skin care products.
  • This substance can be found in various types of meats, namely it is abundant in pork. It is also found in fish, especially oily fish such as anchovy and mackerel. Beans and peanuts are other sources of coenzyme Q10.
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