Who Said Chocolate Can’t be Good for You? Here are the Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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When you get stressed, especially if you’re a student during exams season, a sweet chocolate treat is the best remedy to relieve you of some of that stress. So naturally you get many little chocolate gifts from friends and relatives. But what can you do? This sweet snack is so addictive that it makes you wanna keep having more, and it’s notorious for bringing acne, weight gain, and cavities. However, contrary to popular belief, chocolate can actually be a very good impact on health and beauty. Dark chocolate that is!

Of course, not all kinds of chocolate has this effect. Only dark chocolate which has a high percentage of cocoa and lower amounts of sugar could have these kinds of positive effects. Let’s now take a look at what some of these effects are.

First: the main cause of acne is chocolate? Or can chocolate actually help keep your skin moist?

It is a well known fact that chocolate’s high sugar and fat content content would aggravate acne prone and bring further blemishes. But since dark chocolate contains antioxidants, in much higher amounts than regular chocolate, it helps to keep the skin’s natural moisture and prevents the skin from becoming dry. Also, it has more than double the power of regular chocolate to protect skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. So you could say that adequate intake of dark chocolate seems to be good for your skin.

Second: eat dark chocolate for healthy teeth.

The sweet taste of chocolate is delicious to eat but only consume it in small amounts or else you’ll end up with cavities! Isn’t that what we’ve all heard from a young age? But this is only due to the processed nature of regular chocolate. On the other hand, since dark chocolate has considerably less sugar and higher cacao powder content, therefore, it’s a healthier alternative as a dessert in order to avoid getting cavities.

Third: If you want to diet, you should eat dark chocolate.

It may seem like common sense to you that going on a diet and eating chocolate are on opposite sides of a spectrum. However, you would find it useful to know that just the scent of dark chocolate can reduce one’s appetite. A helpful tip; if you’re feeling frustrated with your diet and you’re just ready to give up on it, or you’re in desperate need of some sweets, have a small square of dark chocolate before your meal. That will make you have more control over your appetite. So in the end, dark chocolate could serve as a helpful assistant in you achieving a successful diet.

Fourth: dark chocolate is good for the heart.

Furthermore, the fat found in cacao gets transformed into oleic acid upon consumption, and it increases the good cholesterol in your body. In addition, cacao is healthy for the heart because it’s effective in preventing inflammation in the arteries.

Fifth: Improves concentration → efficiency in work

As mentioned earlier, chocolate is a great present to give to weary students studying for SAT’s or other big exams. Personally, I receive chocolate treats from my friends as they want to cheer me up before a big exam. Of course I find the present comforting, because the sweet taste of chocolate makes it easier to go on with my studies. But in fact, there’s more to it than just the sweetness. Dark chocolate improves the the blood circulation in the brain, thus enhancing one’s ability to focus on studying. So it’s not a bad idea to leave a small bar of dark chocolate on your desk, so whenever you feel your efficiency decreasing you can have a piece and boost your concentration.

Sixth: It reduces stress.

When we get stressed cortisol is secreted from the body. Cortisol puts the body in a tense and nervous state, which means overall, your body would be in a bad condition. Dark chocolate can reduce cortisol in the body. Only for people who have some dark chocolate in their diet constantly will see results such as reduced stress levels. As for those who consume cacao powder products consistently everyday for a month, they will experience 10% reduction in their anxiety levels compared to those who did not.

Lastly, the seventh benefit of dark chocolate: it helps with your workout!

Cacao contains antioxidants which help promote nutrient absorption in the muscles and helps with muscular pain relief. So consuming some dark chocolate after a workout is said to be effective. Because cacao also suppresses inflammation in the joints or muscles which can be helpful in relieving fatigue.

Still think that chocolate is the enemy of dieting? Think again! We didn’t know the many benefits of dark chocolate.

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