How to Select a High Quality LED Wall Display

With the development of the led displays, many led wall display manufactures appears in a short time. Because of this the display quality are facing with very terrible competition. Some manufactures use bad quality products with very low price to compete with its rivals. It deeply hurt the customers. As a honestly and professional led display manufacture, Dakco always use good material and high technology to make sure the led display’s quality. Now we would like to tell you some factors which influence the displays’ quality. Hope it is useful for you.

1. The led chip quality.
 As the most important part of the led displays, led chip’s quality will directly influence the led displays’ quality. Now there are many led chip brand in the market. Among of them, nichia, cotco cree and silan are used most. So if you want to buy a high quality led wall display, You must pay more attention on the led chips selection. Nichia and cotco cree led chip’s quality are very stable, of course the prices are higher than other chips. As silan chip has the best cost performance, it is used the most now in the led display market especially in china. But even the silan chip, they also have some different kinds, especially on different sizes. From 9 mil to 14 mil, the led chip size is bigger, the brightness is higher, the quality is more stable. so the most of important factor for you to select the display is the led chip brand and quality, no matter indoor led display or outdoor led display.
 2. The making process.
 As the signal led is very easy to broken, so its making process must be very careful. The humidity control and anti-electricity protection are highly request. Now with the development of the technology, many modern machines are used in this process, include the led inserting machine, wave-peak soldering machine, hot air reflow soldering machine and others. However, there are still some manufactures don’t use these machines but hand-working. This factor will influence the led display quality very much. Dakco pay more attention to this detail. Instead of hand-working, Dakco put the machines into all the making process. so our quality is reliable. If available, You’d better to visit the factory first before you buy a led display.
 3. The reasonable design.
 LED display screen will be used for a long time. it can reach 100000 hours or even more. so it has a high request for the design and material.
 The design mainly refers to two parts: one is led module PCB design. another one is the cabinet design. if the PCB design is not reasonable, it will deeply infulence the life time of the led display.Dakco has very strong R&D team. they are very professional in this aspect. so our led modules have a longer life time. Refers to the led cabinet design, it is also very important. if the cabinet design is not good. after one or two years, it will not protect the led display from rain,snow or storm. then your led display will be destoryed very easily. so when you buy a led display, you must to know whether the supplier is professional or not? especially in technology.

4. The high quality parts material.
 The high quality material is very important for led display. such as powersupply, led module mask, module cables and so on. These details are all influence the effect of the led displays. Now in the market. Meanwell power supply is the best for the led display. the colorful module signal cables is better than white one. about the led module mask, Dakco use our own design mask. it won’t be changed its shape even after a long time.
 These are some experience which dakco want to share with all the people who are interested in led displays. Hope they are useful for you.

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