In defence of

It’s undeniable that AgileBits is pushing both new and old customers towards it’s new in-house 1Password sync service. There’s been backlash over it, but personally, I don’t take issue with it. I bought the password manager 2 years ago, at the time of purchase I was promised 1Password 4 with lifetime support for local vaults, and am I still being provided this same piece of software? Yes. Do AgileBits seem committed to continuing support for this software? It seems so.

As for using local storage for 1Password vaults: Sebald emphasized that the company will “go to great lengths to preserve [the] choice to use local vaults, even if we are encouraging new users to make a different choice.” — Jason Snell

There’s the argument that AgileBits are “alienating” their customers with the push of this new in-house sync service, but it’s hard to agree when AgileBits continue to support the promise that I, and other users, bought into.

Personally, I’ll eventually move my vault from iCloud to 1Password’s own sync service. The service promises secure syncing across all platforms alongside continued support and features to 1Password itself. Is $3 a month worth it? In my case, it 100% is.