An Endless Game of Trick or Treat

As we come upon Halloween 2018, many families dust off their perennial Halloween decorations and throw them back out on their lawns and roofs, get a few big bags of assorted treats from the grocery store in anticipation of the hordes of little creatures coming to knock on their doors demanding said treats.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of one such family member who’s responsible for giving out the treats. We are the arbiter, the authority, the one who decides whether any of these little creatures are worthy of our treats, in which we have put in much time, effort, and money.

And yet, most of us take the easy way out. We give out treats to everybody — to the ones that didn’t even bother to put on costumes, even to the high schooler who has clearly outgrown his or her Trick or Treat age limit.

This is a facsimile of our lives, and how we treat the little creatures within us, with blatant mercy and leniency.

For once, just to test the little ones, and more importantly, to test ourselves, when we hear Trick or Treat!, let’s choose Trick, and see what they come up with. One should not present two options if one assumes that the result is always certain.

Or, turn the game on its heels, and dictate the narrative, with a coin. Heads, Trick. Tails, Treat. If you land on Trick but are unprepared, come back or wait till next Halloween.

To the creatures who brought their own toilet paper ready to spin across our yards, let’s give the whole lot of our treats to them. These are the ones who deserve the prize.

Originally published at on October 24, 2018.