Having Your Cake, and Choosing to NOT Eat It

If you’re not aware of the now very famous Stanford University marshmallow test with kids, please Google it and come back afterwards.

Here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX_oy9614HQ

Then, let’s chat a little bit about the phrase having one’s cake and eating it too.

The generally agreed-upon definition of this phrase is that you cannot have two good things happening to you at the same time, the way that if you have a piece of cake, you can’t both eat it and take it home in a box to eat later.

I’ve found this phrase to be baloney.

First, the Stanford test showed that for kids who chose to NOT EAT their marshmallows immediately, they do get to have that marshmallow AND an extra marshmallow to go and to savor later, if they so choose.

Second, we’ve all been to parties where there was plenty of dessert (and food) to both satisfy our desires during AND after the parties. As a lover of sweets, I tend to not let good desserts go to waste.

Third, I’ve found that with the right, positive attitude, the better things in life tend to come our way eventually.

The key is to find that right, positive attitude, and maintain it.

The aforementioned cake is all around us, in the form of clickbait headlines and Youtube videos and animated gifs, swiping left and right to find Mister and Misses Right, notifications from the myriad of messenger apps on our phones.

It’s exhausting to eat all this cake. There’s way too much cake if you ask me. So, the sensible thing, is to choose to not eat it. We’ll all get to live healthier lives, and build more positive attitudes, as a result.

Originally published at badassbuddha.co on November 8, 2018.