Untying the Knot

Take out that box of wires, or necklaces, or, your long hair after an uneasy night’s sleep.

If you’re lucky enough to still have hair, that is.

Now, how do you get started on untying the countless knots in front of you?

Do you start with a single wire or string or strand, or do you find a giant knot and try to “puff” it out, pulling and manipulating the knot to try it make it looser and theoretically easier to untie.

There is a certain comfort or relief when we “puff” out the knots, but it doesn’t really help us accomplish the goal.

The same situation happens when we have 284 new e-mails in our inbox or 22 errands piled onto the same day, or both on the same day!

For me, focusing on the one wire (or string or strand) has been a much better solution than “puffing” it out.

Just like sorting out wires and necklaces, we naturally sort them into groups — long or short, green or blue or gray or gold, broken or still usable.

Do that with those aspects of your life that tend to tangle up easily, and hopefully, your today can become just a little smoother than your yesterday.

Originally published at badassbuddha.co on November 7, 2018.