A Twitter-based Nephrology Journal Club


The project: start a nephrology journal club on twitter.

On review of other successful journal clubs on twitter (microbiology and urology), we would need:
1. Twitter handle specific to the journal club : @NephJC account created; use the same hashtag, but see (10) below
2. Who: Moderators are needed to guide, collate the discussion. Joel Topf has agreed to help; need to ask others. All mods should have access to the twitter account. More mods can be added as needed.
3. Choice of articles: recent (~ last 4 -8 weeks) from prominent nephrology journals; even from general medical or cardiology journal if related to kidneys
4. Obtain full free text from journal editors — this is not mandatory, but would be helpful. Would be important if we want international voices; also med students, fellows, non-nephro MDs.
5. Spread the word: Joel Topf, UKidney, Pascale Lane, Joshua Schwimmer, ASN kidney, ISNkidney care and others with wide reach
6. Timeline of actual JC: announce article and make it available and then let people comment for 48 hours….then collate and storify. Particular day of the week?
7. Other ideas: invite authors to participate if possible, definitely notify them via an email
8. Invite non-Nephro docs to participate also as relevant, always free to participate of course

9. The #NephJC have its own blog page. There should be a brief write-up of the article, with a link to the actual article and its relevance before the JC begins — and the storify’d version could also be linked to here.

10. KidneyJC or NephJC: the latter has 6 characters vs 8 for the former? Will opt for NephJC given less characters and that many of our articles are not necessarily about the kidneys (and as Joel points out, many of our patients don’t have functioning kidneys).

and a fun link to PHD comics (Jorge Cham) about what journal clubs are about: http://www.phdcomics.com/comics/archive.php?comicid=964