A New American travesty, Stealing freedom and choice. The fall of America?

We can ALL agree I'm sure, that this current presidential election has been a complete circus. I've said it before, like NOTHING I've ever seen. First off, the candidates themselves: Hillary Clinton; the treacherous witch and liar, Lenin-like freebie-monger; Bernie Sanders, The supposedly hateful populist billionaire; Donald Trump, the snakey faux-evangelical; Ted Cruz, and last but not least John Kasich, who is said to be hanging on as a ringer to be used by the GOP in a brokered convention.

This election cycle if nothing else, is showing the American people, and the world that corporations are buying their power. First, the longtime corrupt Democratic party tells their supposed voters that no matter how they vote, Hillary will be the Democratic party choice for president, once again, despite votes. Then on the Republican side, the unexpected occurred, Trump thought to be little more than a distraction, became a real presidential contender, to the chagrin of the GOP establishment. Since then they have done everything they could to stop him. Back when the pool was full Jeb Bush was the party choice, but they couldn't pull off a realistic steal, because Jeb was getting destroyed in the early primaries. But in the last two months Ted Cruz has become a palatable choice for the GOP to steal the election from Donald Trump, since Jeb Bush was forced to drop out. I'm going to say it now, before I go any further, people know Hillary Clinton and the Bush family are slime bags, but Ted Cruz has risen to the top of the toilet bowl. His first foray into villainy was during the Iowa caucuses, when campaign advertised that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race, but of course this was untrue, it was theorized that Cruz benefited from stolen votes. Then as the election progressed the largely humble, quiet Cruz became a viper. Spewing venom and vitriol on everyone and everything, Donald Trump in particular. Then the GOP leadership decided the best way to cheat Trump and the people of America, was to start stealing delegates outright, in particular, Colorado. Colorado shutdown their primary and awarded Ted Cruz the delegates. Now I ask my fellow Americans, how can they do this when we're supposed to have a vote for important choices like this?!

It is clear now that the elite are attempting to usher in a new era of control. They are attempting to finally take over America as they see fit. I ask Americans what will you do now let you see for yourself the corruption that big money and old money rings to America? Are you going to sit around on your butt and watch TV all day with apathy? Or are you going to stand up and be counted? Because simply put we are now entering an era where we don't speak up and take action our children's future as we know it is over. Our children will be the first generation on American soil in two hundred years or so to be ruled by a singular entity, an oligarchy. The people of America should be there in the streets right now almost rioting, or at the very least marching on Washington with intent. I know people are angry, but it seems like there still aren't ENOUGH people who care about what's going on, or is it that the media makes it seem that way?

Either way, in closing the world elites have taken too many losses lately, it's clear they are ramping up their quest for control, so much so, their doing it in the open now. While I think it's too late for our political process, there are quite a few who still believe our political process has life. Whatever you believe, we have entered a new era in America. Gather supplies, get healthy, and share alternative media wherever you find it, like Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Haggman and Haggman, Drudge report, Change da Channel, Mark Dice, and many others, including myself as well. Real honest information is the ONLY way to prepare for the hell that is to come. Thank you for your time.